The Republic-ans are Here!

No, dear chickens, we have not been invaded by the GOP (otherwise you’d see us armored out Mad Max style with guns a-blazin’).  Rather we are delighted that tonight, May 17, is the official opening of Republic, the new restaurant owned by Matty O’Reilly.  Two of our intrepid girl reporters snuck in last night to the friends and family preview and we have the exclusive report.

First the decor hasn’t changed much.  It’s certainly cleaner than it was during the Srgt. Preston’s days.  But the walls have been repainted and it has the feel of an old gentleman’s club with the deep red and brick walls, dark paneling, the animal heads, and the original stained glasswork.  Less this seem oppressively masculine and dark, there’s the bright vibrant art of John Alspach to break it all up.

Next up, the beers.  It is a craft beer fan’s dream come true.  Aside from the Belgians and Germans, it’s a salute to the local brewery scene (Surly, Fulton, Lift Bridge, Rush River, and more are all on the list).

Then there’s the food.  One of O’Reilly’s main goals with Republic was to get back into the kitchen and we are glad he did.  The menu is very gastro-pub but mouth-watering.  This menu demands repeat visits (we can’t wait to try the brie and red wine reduction burger).  And the best part is that most of the items are less than $15.

We are thrilled about the opening and we encourage you, our loyal chickens to go dine there!

(NOTE: While the official opening is tonight, and the friends and family party was last night, there was a top-secret shindig there on Friday night in honor of the birthday of Kate O’Reilly, Matty’s sister.  The place was teeming with scenesters and bold-facers, but alas our intrepid girl reporter assigned to the party forgot her notebook.)


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