Whirlled Out & Helping Out

Good Heavens Chickens!  We are spent from this weekends insanity!  To whit:

  • Art-A-Whirl was its usual amount of insanity and fun.  One internet wag compared it to the SXSW of Minneapolis Art.  And certainly we had more than our share of booze, but what was great was actually seeing people buying art from local artists.  See this is how you’re supposed to support local art; by putting your money where your mouth is. If there was one complaint it was that the weather was not cooperating, which may be because…
  • God is PISSED at us!  Why?  Because of the state legislature approving to put the issue of the state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on the ballot.  To quote our tweet from the night – “Chickens! We are absolutely DISGUSTED by the #mnlegislature right now. #noh8mn” Now we expect all of you, our precious readers to join us in the cause of supporting our intrepid guhrl reporters in their desire to get married.  Here’s a nifty way how.
  • Speaking os supporting, our hearts go out to our neighbors in North Minneapolis recovering from the devastating tornado that tore through the north part of town.  Please, chickens, if you can, help out financially or physically.  Here’s a great resource on how to help.

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