Bits and Pieces From The Weekend

Good Morning Chickens!  Here’s a down and dirty round-up of this weekend’s shenanigans:

  • Kudos to everyone involved with the Northern Spark Festival, which found us all running around the town for some of the most inventive art we’ve seen.  You know, between this and the #FREEEBIRD event on Friday, it seems that the night time is the right time (to quote dear Ray Charles).
  • But things do happen when the sun comes up, like weddings.  And chickens, our intrepid reporters were at The Varsity Theater for the wedding of Andrew Sims of Doomtree fame to Sarah Schrantz.  The entire Doomtree family was there as well as a slew of hip hop royalty in town.  Unfortunately, we had missed the ceremony earlier in the day at The Loring Pasta Bar but we heard that it was moving (thanks to Dessa and Lazerbeak who were officiating).
  • Meanwhile, we trucked over to St. Paul (yes!) for Grand Old Day.  The glorified pub crawl celebration of Grand Avenue was a drunk good time. While we’re not ashamed to admit we caught some of Hookers & Blow‘s set, our intrepid girl (and guhrl) reporters were all over, catching kick ass sets by Mayda, The 4 On The Floor, No Bird Sing, Chris Koza, and Heiurspecs.

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