Music Preview: The Copper Field

Chickens, you know how much we love the music scene in this town (mainly because it’s one of the few music where there’s very little border between the musicians and the audience; not only are you likely to run into them around town but you’ll often find them supporting one another at each other’s shows).  So imagine our surprise when we received a communiqué from The Copper Field announcing the digital release of their forthcoming EP The Standard and Poor’s.  Even better they sent us a preview copy to listen to.

And it’s pretty damn amazing for a first EP.

As you all know The Copper Field is a side project of Michael Grey (of Mercurial Rage) and Joe Christenson (formerly of White Light Riot).  But as their press release rightfully states, “This collection of somber songs was not designed to get your ass shaking.” In fact if you had told us that these two paragons of electro-rock would create a hauntingly sparse, melodic, alt-folk album, we would question your sanity.  And yet, they have.  The four track EP is as sparse as a southwestern desert, as intimately lonely and full of heartbreak as journal entry written post-breakup, and as emotionally honest as staring into the sunrise.  Lest this sound like a depressive affair, it’s not thanks to Grey and Christenson’s well-crafted songwriting.  All in all, it’s an intriguing debut EP.

The Standard and Poor’s EP will be released digitally on June 21.  Three days later, on June 24, The Copper Field will have an EP release party at The Aster Cafe with another intriguing act on the bill: Blue Sky Blackout frontmen Christian Erickson and Jon Hunt in an acoustic duo setting.  We can not wait to see this!


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