The (Possible) Celebrity Sighting That Had Everyone Talking

Oh chickens! We stayed in last night to give ourselves a facial when our mudmasks cracked in shock over what was going down at Transmission, Jake Rudh‘s weekly new wave residency at Club Jäger.

As he reported last night on his twitter:

Cripes…I’m hearing rumors that John Waters might be in the house right now. Too busy for me to go confirm… #transmission

… which set off pandemonium amongst the hipsters and twitterati.  You will recall that dear Mr. Waters is in town for the opening of Absentee Landlord, the new exhibit that he curated at the Walker Art Center that opens this Saturday. In a way it wouldn’t be surprising that he’d be in town; after all, he is performing his one-man show/lecture This Filthy World to a sold-out crowd on Friday night, so a sighting or two in town would be natural. And how fitting would it be for Mr. Waters to appear there, amongst the people he has inspired for at least one generation.

Alas it was not to be.  As Jake later reported:

So it wasn’t John Waters after all tonight, just a guy in a white button-up, skinny tie, pencil mustache & slicked back, greasy hair.

But then we got to thinking: how utterly like John Waters to have a few clones to send out into a town to whip up some hysteria for him and laughing at our responses? Guess we’ll never really know.


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