A Smattering Of Updates


Chickens, we have a few little bits and pieces to brighten your day!

  • It was a cold, cold night at Calhoun Beach Club as we sat watching the vita.mn Poolside Fashion Show.  It was a gorgeously styled affair but we have to give props to the models for sashaying in the cool night air.
  • We cried bitter tears this morning as we heard that Kate Iverson, Jay Gabbler and other media wags were given a guided tour of the Walker Art Center‘s new Absentee Landlord exhibit personally led by none other than John Waters!  The reports from the field confirmed what we had heard for a while; that Mr. Waters is every inch the sweet, adorable man that he is reported to be.  Which makes us look forward to his lecture/one-man show tonight.
  • On a happier note, happy birthday to man about town and loyal chicken Ryan Farrell.  Cheers darling!
  • On a happier note (part 2), happy 2nd birthday to the lovely and talented (and mad) MPLS.TV.  Word on the street is that they’re planning “a big f*cking party” some time in September. Of course we will keep you posted.
  • Speaking of 2nd anniversaries, The Depot Tavern is hosting its 2nd Annual Diamond Dog Eating Contest on July 4.  Last year’s extravaganza was a mad melee of hipsters, music heads, and diamond dogs for days (yum!).  Sign up to enter here.
  • And Big Time congratulations to the band Howler (the new band of Total Babe‘s bassist Jordan Gatesmout) who have been signed by Rough Trade Records and will be touring this fall to Tapes ‘n Tapes.
That’s it for now, chickens.  See you tonight at Rock For Pussy at First Avenue!

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