The Only Water In the City Is John

Chickens forgive us for the Dr. Who referrence but we couldn’t help it: John Waters once again tied up the town.  One of our Intrepid Girl Reporters was at The Walker Art Center theater for Mr. Waters’s performance of his one-man show/fireside chat This Filthy World.  The sold-out crowd was held in spellbound rapture as he held forth on everything from his child in Baltimore to current political events, to fashion (he not only name-dropped the lovely Tavi, and an eagle-eyed observer clocked the fact that he was wearing Commes de Garcon).

Afterwards it was the game of “Where’s John Waters?”.  There were rumors that he was going to go to The 19 Bar, where one of our Guhrls saw everyone from designer Ivan Idland to Jay LeFreak of All The Pretty Horses (post – Rock for Pussy) to Patrick Stephenson and Zach Schaap of 30 Days of Biking.

Alas he was not there.  We then received a report from local fashionista Danielle Morris, who (jokingly) reported that he was at Nick & Eddie’s warehouse space bartending and enjoying Skoal Kodiak‘s show.

We’re sure we’ll here more about this at the Cobra Fest today in the alley.


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