Blonde Item

Chickens!  We had to sit on this one for a bit (literally, our people were sworn to secrecy till after the fact) but now we can report on the details.

As you all know, we are fans of the lovely Tabatha Coffey of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.  And we had all heard of the sightings of her in and around downtown Minneapolis.  Well, one of our intrepid girl reporters received an invite to a top secret fashion show at Seven.  And she went.

The fashion show was an early, private show for Design Collective‘s The Art and Fashion Affair.  The hair was rumored to be by Jungle Red Salon (which runs counter to the rumor that we heard that Tabs was taking over Jewel Salon downtown).  In fact, we ran into local DJ (and good friend of our little blog) Jake Encinas and his gorgeous ladyfriend.  We also ran into the lovely and talented Ryan Farrell looking stylish and chic (but no sighting of his lovely boyfriend – and recent Lavender coverboy – Jason Matheson).  Alas, we only caught a brief glimpse of the lovely blonde (who was flanked by an army of producers, well wishers, etc.) but a fun time was had by all.

We will of course keep you abreast of when the episode airs so you can play “Who’s all hiding in the audience?” at home.


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