Our Gardens Were Rocked

Sweet Chickens, this weekend was madness!  The annual Rock The Garden at Walker Art Centerwas a dirty muddy mess (at least the crowd was).  The show itself was a killer line-up.  While Tapes ‘n’ Tapes , Booker T. Jones, and Neko Case were their usual fabulous selves, it was My Morning Jacket who made the show.  We were surprised that their set had devolved into “glorified jam band” status (surprising since their recordings are so tightly structured) but there was no denying that they delivered where it counted (unlike when MGMT headlined but then again if you had to follow Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings you’d sound lesser in comparison too).

The crowd was filled with every major player from the music scene (we almost slipped on the hill and collided with poor Leslie Plesser of vita.mn) and social scene (our jaws dropped when we saw Kareem Ahmed of InBoxCupid.com wearing a t-shirt advertising his site). And of course you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Current DJ (of course running into Barb Abney is always a treat).  All in all a great time.


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