A Weekend Recap

As we finish up our MASSIVE pride post, chickens, there were a bunch of other things going on this weekend that didn’t involve Loring Park, drag queens, or gay boys:

First off, we finally made it over to Wits at The Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul (yes, we brought our passports) and it was TEEMING with scenesters.  It was insane, but then again when Neil Gaiman comes a-callin’…

Meanwhile we were also at the XYandZ Gallery in Southside for the opening of Mass Portrait: the new show featuring prints by Anna Tsantir and Daniel Luedtke.  The show was stunning!  And both artists work was actually quite complimentary to one another (which was a surprise given how vastly different their approaches to printmaking are).  Kudos to the XYandZ crew for another artistic success.

Later in the evening a few of our Intrepid Girl Reporters (the Intrepid Gurhl Reporters sent us texts that read as follows: “OMG. So many naked guys!”) were at Chez Aster Cafe for The Copper Field EP release party.  You will recall that we previewed that very album here a week or so ago, so we were eager to see how Michael Grey and Joe Christenson‘s new project would sound live.  The Verdict: Pretty damn amazing.  It’s refreshing to see to musicians be so simpatico on stage together.

Speaking of simpatico musicians, the Copper Field boys were almost upstaged by the opening act: Christian Erickson and Jon Hunt of Blue Sky Blackout, who delivered a (surprisingly effective) acoustic set.  The crowd was enchanted and many in the audience encouraged them to release an acoustic album.  Of course we will keep you posted if and when this album drops.

Finally speaking of album releases, we were at Cause for the BNLX EP release (#6 if you’re keeping score).  While Red Pens and Party House did an amazing job, Ed and Ashley Ackerson‘s potent noise-pop had the crowd cheering their heads off.


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