One Day You’re In…

… the next day you’re having to face down the fury that is Michael Kors.

Dear chickens, as you know we here at Minneapolitan World HQ are devotées of Project Runway and remember all the highs (Jay’s Chrysler Building Dress, Laura’s “For Nuts Only” frock, Leanne vs. Korto in the final 2, etc.), the lows (we’re looking at you Wendy, Santino, and Kenley) to the head-scratching (the dubious eliminations of Chris, Jerell and especially Gordonna).  And as we all know Season 9 is starting in a few weeks.

Well, thanks to Tom and Lorenzo (who, besides being a blogging inspiration to not only the editorial board of this blog but many blogs in this city – imagine the tweetup that would happen – are also one of the foremost blogs on dear PR) released the photos of the twenty (yes, twenty) designers for this season and look who’s there.

That’s right chickens!  Local designer Danielle Everine becomes the fourth designer from our fair city to compete for the title (the other three are of course Katherine Gerdes, Ra’mon Lawrence Coleman, and Christopher Straub). Having been a fan of Danielle’s for a while (one of our Intrepid Girl Reporters nailed it when she described Danielle’s elegantly tailored clothes as “what Katherine Hepburn would wear if she were young today”) we wish her only the best and may God and Tim Gunn be on her side.

And speaking of dear Mr. Straub, you will recall a few months ago that we reported on the rumor that Lifetime was planning on doing another PR All-Star Challenge and that our Christopher was on the short list for the project.  And yet, Lifetime has remained mum.  The last we heard was that it was lensing but that was it.  We would like to say “Watch What Happens,” but that smacks of former networks.


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