Not-So-Blind Item

Not so much a blind item as a heavily glaucoma-infested one.   Last night we had heard rumblings that there was a contretemps between the Minnesota Fringe Festival and moto-i.  You will recall that moto-i is serving as Fringe central this year for the festival.  Well it seems someone mistakenly double booked the space reserved for the Fringe on Saturday and Sunday night.  We would hate to have been the manager on duty that had to deal with the fury of Fringe czar Robin Gilette and her merry crew.

Speaking of the Fringe, we also heard there’s a little bit of a salacious scandal running around the town.  It seems one of the out-of-town actors not only bares his soul for his show, but has bared it all for a magazine.  Our Intrepid Gurhl Reporters are on the case, sweet chickens.

While we’re on the subject, if you haven’t gone to a Fringe show yet, we simply have to ask the question, “What the hell is wrong with you?!?” We are lucky to host the largest Fringe festival in the USA (not counting Canada, who still beats us) and we encourage you to go out there and explore and see something amazing.  So much so that we want to turn the comment section of this post into show recommendations.  No slamming, chickens; just tell us what was a good show you saw and why.

Get to work, dear chickens!


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