Let’s Ride! Again!

Dear sweet chickens! Today is the day: those lovely kids at 30 Days of Biking are launching Round 4.  Now our Intrepid Girl (and Gurhl) Reporters hung out with the lovely and talented Patrick Stephenson and Zach Schapp told us (at the pre-event launch party a few weeks ago) that it’s going to be a more “friends & family / hardcore” round being less structured than the more intense April round. But we want you all to get on your bikes and ride! (In fact, one of our Intrepid Girl Reporters found several great dates last round.)

If you need a bike for it, you can (a) fetch a Nice Ride bike, or (b) save up your pennies and get the ARTCRANK and Trek Bikes bike.  We had heard about this a while ago (and saw ARTCRANK czar Charles Youel riding the prototype around town) but today both parties officially announced the debut of the Trek/ARTCRANK bike. The entire Minneapolitan editorial staff want it right now!


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