A Modern Time

Good Morning Chickens! While we have a few spies at the super-secret preview for the Weissman Gallery expansion tour (early reports are that it’s “jaw-dropping”), our intrepid girl (and gurhl) reporters were out and about last night and have stories to report:

  • ITEM: The Modern Cafe had a small preview party in honor of the fact that it now has a liquor license (to which other restaurants shrugged their shoulders going “So?” but as anyone in the restaurant scene knows getting a liquor license in this town is as painful as teeth-pulling without anesthesia, but we digress…).  The luxe affair was coordinated by Kate Iverson (who we hear is doing publicity for the launch) and the room was filled with such bold-facers as Jahna Peloquin, Joseph Belk of Permanent Design Group, Robyne Robinson, Kristopher Knutson, Emma Berg, Christopher Atkins, Jay Gabler, and a whole lot more.  Congratulations to chef Phillip Becht and the crew at The Modern for making such a splash with this event!
  • ITEM: A much smaller party was held at Eli’s in honor of local photographer / Cake In 15 czarina Stacy Schwartz‘s birthday. The small but select crowd of music-heads included Andrea Swenson of City Pages, several of Schwartz’s colleagues from the Electric Fetus, baker extraordinaire Sheela Nakamarai, and many others.  Arriving late to the party was Schwartz’s manpanion Carl Swanson, who was at class at St. Thomas (you will recall he is getting his MBA in non-profit management).
  • ITEM: An intrepid reporter of hours snuck into the soft opening of Pat’s Tap in south Minneapolis, the new restaurant owned by Kim Bartmann.  While we can’t say much (since the official opening is on Monday, September 26 and they’ve instituted a media blackout till then), we can say this: the skee ball ramps have been restored and look amazing.

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