The GRRRLS Are Back In Town

Precious Chickens, we had heard about this  at the Bitch Flowers event last week but today is the day.  If you didn’t get enough drag last week (and frankly is there such a thing as enough drag?) then get your sequined ass over to Epic Event Center for Golden GRRRLS, a benefit for the Aliveness Project put together by legendary gay about town Ian St. James and the “durty gurl” herself Krystal Kleer (who was such a hit at dear Bitchy’s show last week).

Over 100 queens will gather to celebrate the rich legacy of drag in the cities.  You will be gagging on the elegance, fierceness, and glamour of these lovelies.  And if that wasn’t enough we’ve heard that our lovely mayor, R.T. Rybak himself, will be there doing some sort of proclamation or something or other.

And if That wasn’t enough, legendary singer/drag queen Jackie Beat will be performing some of her great pop pastiches like this and this.  (In fact, one of our eagle eyed spies caught Mr. St. James out with Ms. Beat (in “civilian” clothes) at the downtown Crave last night.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, all of those glorious drag queens will unite to do one song together, in an attempt to break into the Guinness Book of World Records.

So Ladies (and “Ladies), the order is given: hoist up your tits and get over there!

UPDATE: It seems the lovely folks at City Pages have written a preview too.


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